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 Gourd / Ghiya / Lauki ( घीया / लौकी )

Gourd / Ghiya / Lauki ( घीया / लौकी )

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Fresh Gourd ( घीया / लौकी )   Nutrient Value & Benefits Low in calories, Contains Folic acid, Amino acid.Bottle Gourd helps in better digestion, reduces sugar level and constipation.     Storage Tips To maintain freshness, wrap in plastic bag and store in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator. Once cut, it should be sealed in a plastic bag and used within a few days.     Return Policy Not satisfied with a product? Return it at the doorstep & get a refund instantly.   Why shop from speedokart ? • Get your order delivered to your doorstep within 30-60 minutes. • Cheaper prices than your local market. • Complimentary gift with each order. • Easy Returns.

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